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Sports Massage - £70-30 minutes

This is a sports massage:
-I am fully clothed
-No lingam massage

Almost everyone has sore, aching
muscles now and then.

Muscle pain (myalgia) can range
from mild to excruciating.
gym massage sports massage
Though it often goes away
in a few days.

Sometimes muscle pain can
linger for months.

Muscle pain can develop
almost anywhere in your body,
including your neck, back,
legs and even your hands.

Sports massage is great
for knots and strains,
repetative strain injury from
sports or sitting at a computer.

Sports massage is a term
which covers a variety of
massage techniques.

These techniques include:
Effleurage - light touch or skimming
Pettrissage - kneading and friction
Tapotement - tapping/pounding/patting

Muscle pain that occurs during
an activity usually signals a "pulled"
or strained muscle.

These types of injuries usually respond
well to R.I.C.E. therapy:

Rest. Take a break from your
normal activities.

Ice: Place an ice pack or
bag of frozen peas on
the sore area for 15 to 20
minutes three times a day.

Compression: Use a compression
bandage to reduce swelling.

Elevation: Elevate your foot to
help reduce swelling.

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