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•"Just the pleasure of being caressed and fondled by a beautiful girl."
-Eve's comment
Thank you so much. I am grinning like a Cheshire cat right now.

•"really enjoyed the session, very warm and charming company, delightfully sensual and all done by an exotic beauty as the icing on the cake :)"
-Eve's comment
Gosh I am very flattered and satisfied that you enjoyed your session. Much appreciated.

•"More than anticipated."
-Eve's comment
It's a nice suprise when that happens. Many thanks.

• "This is my fourth visit and the experience keeps getting better. VERY talented."
-Eve's comment
I can not thank you enough, as you probably know each massage experience can be different in so many pleasurable ways.

• "As British as a cuppa tea is wee Miss Peaks. Anyone needing a bit of luxury would be exceedingly comfortable. My caffeine high was gently quashed into oblivion. Overwhelmingly satisfying."
-Eve's comment
I am so pleased that you felt at ease, it is so important during any massage.

• "Last year I took a free chakra test to find out how open each of my seven chakras was. I want my kundalini to emerge to seek spiritual wisdom to be close to god not spiritual like I expected. I need a strong foundation" .
-Eve's comment
I do not advertise or provide chakra work.

• "went a bit wobbly and speced-out at the end but in a wonderful way."
-Eve's comment
I know what that feels like. It happens to me too sometimes after a session!

• "Eve is warm and intuitive. Not the cheapest but I wasn't looking for cheap. I'm counting the weeks…not the pennies."

-Eve's comment
So kind of you, my intention is to create a high quality experience.

• "I was spoilt for choice as far as options were concerned and picked several different variations. I don't get spoilt very often so I bloody deserve it."

-Eve's comment
I agree. We all need attention and care. Life can't be 100% toil. Many thanks.

• "Her profile shows how versatile she is and I shall be fixing further sessions to dip into her menu of activities."
-Eve's comment
I enjoy the variety I am chuffed you do too.

• "Tried calling couple of times last week. When ever she took the call responded as though she's not the one and refused. I'm sure this is her number..Sheer arrogancy. avoid like a plague. 100 quid for 20 minutes tantric massage!! a joke. you can't even learn basics forget about tantra..please check some good tantric courses by Leora or some one else. This is fake. avoid like a plague..."
-Eve's comment
You were rude, abrupt and demanded discounts. For this reason I refused to accept you as a client. That is my choice. Calling 10 times a day and threatening me only affirms my initial evaluation of you as an unstable individual.

• "What to expect? Wasn't sure to be frank. What I got? A delicious massage."
-Eve's comment
So glad you enjoyed your massage with me.

• "I think I fell asleep somewhere along the line. But she said that was fairly normal (LOL) hope I didn't snore."
-Eve's comment
I always snore when I have a massage! It is allowed and encouraged.

• "Nothing short of amazing!...Thank you."
-Eve's comment
You are very welcome, I am very happy that you enjoyed the experience.

• "you are a weirdo fortunately.. i managed to make a wonderful appointment - for a 4 hands tantra massage in kings cross. with 2 ladies i have seen before.Chris Hughes"
-Eve's comment
Booking declined.

•"bye weirdo.Chris Hughes"
-Eve's comment
Booking declined.

• "Warm and friendly. Spent a lot of time on my shoulders and neck at my request. The king hot oil was something I had never heard of till now. Tried it. Loved it.."
-Eve's comment
I am always able to customise sessions for you. It's my pleasure.

• "Exquisite mature lady. Exceedingly smooth manner.."
-Eve's comment
I am enjoying the compliments! So kind of you.

• "Thank you for a wonderful time Eve! I didn't realise what time it was until I got out...and the experience was magic. You are a beautiful woman with a body, intellect and a service to match.Thank you very much."
-Eve's comment
Gosh I really appreciate your thoughts on your session. I love that you enjoyed your session.

• "I'm not keen on deep pummelling so perfect for me."
-Eve's comment
I am always happy to adapt the moves to suit each client. Cheers and thanks.

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