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Health Coaching for Men

I am a tantric massage
expert and counsellor
with 15 years experience.

I also have a store of
knowledge regarding health
and preventative medicine.

doctor patient humour

I provide a non-judgemental
service for treating common
health issues.

Men are four times less
likely than women to
consult a doctor when
they experience medical

As a result men are more
likely to need specialised
care with issues that could
have been dealt with at
an earlier stage.

What is behind this
attitude to health?

Part of the problem may
be embarrassment.

examination room

-'White-coat syndrome'
An aversion to doctors
'white-coat syndrome'

a doctor white coat

-Avoidance of examination
An aversion to being examined
especially in intimate areas.

-Difficult getting time off work
Avoidance of time consuming
doctors appointments.

I can help you treat:
-Athletes Foot »»Book phone»online
-Toenail Fungus »»Book phone»online
-Hemorrhoids »»Book phone»online

At the coaching session
you will recieve:

-product information

After the coaching session:
Free optional phone or email
follow-up at 2, 4 and 6 weeks.
To help with your progress.

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