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*Ask about Delux Hotel Visits*
Give 2 hours notice.
See details below...

~Number 1. 'The Celebration'
Explore orgasmic waves
and full body orgasm.
Mind-expanding experience.
Most men will never experience
anything close to what I provide
in their lifetime.
To your home/hotel
-2hrs - £650

~Number 2. 'The Gold Outcall'
Super Deep Tantra created
with my 15 years of skill.
With choice of 2 specialities
To your home/hotel
- 2 hrs - £550

I am Miss Eve Peaks tantric
massage expert, 40yrs and British.

nude tantric massage London UK

I have 15 years experience as:
-a body worker
-a relationship counsellor
-a health coach
-an N.L.P Master

I am a qualified British
therapist with a honours

I provide many types of
specialised tantric massage

Tantra is safe and enjoyable.

I am also a health coach
Helping men with well-being.

sports massage Eve Peaks

I am a British independent
qualified, therapist.

I have two locations.
Liverpool Street in The City.

Also in Chancery Lane,
Holborn in The City of London.

I work two mornings a week
in Harley Street as a health

I am a trained tantric
practitioner, providing
» relaxing therapies.

I also provide, elegant
» body to body sessions.

Tantric massage is an ancient
type of sensual massage.

nude tantric massage eve peaks london

Tantra therapists are trained in:
a. male anatomy and physiology
b. specialist arousal techniques

I am a naturist and am
happy working 'clothes free'.

I am a graduate with a
publishing background.

My heritage is Dominican-Irish.

I am mature, 40 years of age.

I am a stylish brunette with a
full and curvy '14-16' figure.

Tantric massage is calming and
believed to enhance intimacy.

Every part of the body can be treated
during this full body sensual massage.

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